Manchester Christmas Market

It was a cold winter evening in Manchester. As I exited the Palace hotel lobby, I immediately felt the chilly light rain, as it drizzled throughout the night. But wait a minute, that was nothing new. The weather was either rainy and gloomy here in the UK. I’m dressed appropriately, wearing a light jacket and rain boots. Tonight’s mission; an adventure at Manchester’s Christmas Market.

I walked down Oxford road, past Chinatown to the town hall, and behold the transformation was amazing. As I always recommend that it’s best to visit the Christmas markets anytime after dark, to really experience the illuminated buildings and Christmas decorations. Like any other, various vendors displayed their goods; from antiques to food and drinks.

At the entrance was the aroma of lamb burger sizzling over the grill, and gluhwein warming up in a giant golden cauldron. Lots of foot traffic on this cold Friday night, as pedestrians brushed past each other, shopping for wares, alcoholic beverages and food. The atmosphere was very festive, and there were people from all walks of life. But the objective was to indulge my appetite with street food. No restaurant or fancy food tonight, just a simple, delicious, classic lamb burger with onions, a little bit of chilli pepper and some Lancashire cheese. Yummy!

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